Compassion Collection - Gold Geometric Earrings
Compassion Collection - Gold Geometric Earrings

Compassion Collection - Gold Geometric Earrings

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The Compassion Collection is a reminder to find compassion for the self during tumultuous times. A lot of us have experienced a period of intense emotional release and deep self work over the past two years, and we want to encourage the wearers of this collection to do the same. Take some time for yourself. Dig deep inside. What are your values? Are you living in alignment with those values? If not, find some compassion for yourself as you find your way back.

Because every piece of nature is unique, your item may not match the item pictured exactly, however the same quality and materials are guaranteed!

Frames/charms: gold plated brass
Earring hooks: gold plated or gold filled

What's the difference between gold plated and gold filled?

Gold PLATED pieces are made with a base metal such as copper or brass (Grab Bag Botany uses brass) with a thin layer (about 0.05%) of gold plating. This gold plating looks just as beautiful and should hold up with time, however it can tarnish as the gold plating wears off from improper use (wearing your piece in water, while sweating, or rubbing against skin oils or skin care products).

Gold FILLED pieces are made with a base metal with a much thicker layer of gold (5% or more). Gold filled pieces are non-tarnish and will last for years!


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