CUSTOM Preserved Wedding Flower Earrings
CUSTOM Preserved Wedding Flower Earrings
CUSTOM Preserved Wedding Flower Earrings
CUSTOM Preserved Wedding Flower Earrings

CUSTOM Preserved Wedding Flower Earrings

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Is your bridal bouquet sitting in the back of your closet collecting dust? Preserve the memories of your wedding day in a pair of our custom wedding flower earrings! You can completely customize the style of the earrings. I can use any frames you see in the shop in almost any combination! We can discuss adding a colored background, mixing in some gold flakes, or just keeping it simple.

The flower confetti earrings in the sample photos were made with my personal wedding bouquet. I dried the whole bouquet 7 years ago and never did anything to preserve it. I was shocked at how beautiful the earrings turned out, even though my Roses had turned brown!

For the flower confetti earrings, I would just need one of each flower and a leaf from the bouquet if possible. You can send them to me however you'd like because they are going to be turned into confetti anyway! If you would like earrings made with whole flowers, please press the flowers between the pages of a book, preferably also within parchment paper. I will send the book back to you with your finished product. Please keep in mind that certain flowers are impossible to press to a point where the flower can be completely encased in resin. Our frames are very thin and dainty, so large whole roses will work in a pair of earrings. This is why we recommend the confetti style!

If you just got married, first and foremost CONGRATULATIONS!! Your flowers will probably still be fresh. The BEST way to dry flowers to preserve their color is to let them sit in silica gel for 3-7 days, depending on the flower. You can find silica gel at Michael's, or if you're local I am happy to do this for you! They can then be pressed after if needed.

Choose “existing style” at checkout if you would like me to make an existing style I currently sell in the shop, with your special flowers. Choose “custom style” to customize your perfect pair of earrings!

Other services I offer:
-Memorial jewelry
-Cremation jewelry
-Breast milk jewelry
-Any special flower, leaf, or other botanical jewelry!

Charms: brass, 24k gold plated brass, or silver plated brass
Earring hooks/hoops: silver plated brass, 24k gold plated brass, or see below link for gold FILLED earring hooks add on


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