Keep Flowers from These 5 Occasions

Are you a fan of Grab Bag Botany's ready made jewelry but want something a little more personalized? We can absolutely use ANY of your special flowers to make special flower petal confetti earrings! Don't worry about the flowers being too big, a little damaged, or discolored; we can turn your flowers into something beautiful. The earrings in the image below were made using my personal wedding flowers! I found them in the back of my closet, brittle and brown, but I love how the earrings turned out!

Here are 5 occasions from which you should save some flowers to turn into a beautiful piece!

  1. Weddings - This one is our most common requests, by far! Brides often save their bouquets but don't ever do anything with the flowers! To make our signature confetti earrings, we would only need one of each flower, plus part of the stem and leaves, and you can do whatever you want with the rest of your bouquet!
  2. Funerals - After a loved one passes, it's normal to want to save absolutely anything and everything that reminds you of your loved one. We can craft memorial jewelry out of funeral flowers and can also include ashes by request. This piece will help you keep that person close to your heart always.
  3. Vacations - Bring a book and a few pieces of parchment paper with you on your next outdoor adventure! I always make sure to bring home some ferns & flowers from everywhere I go, to keep my past travels near and dear to my heart.
  4. Births - Preserve some of the congratulatory flowers from your baby's birth! Baby's breath work perfectly for this occasion.
  5. "Just Because" flowers - Did your significant other gift you with a beautiful bouquet of flowers for any reason, or even for no reason at all? What a lovely memory to preserve! Send us some of your flowers so we can make you a piece to freeze this memory in time.

Flowers all have special meanings in our hearts. Choose some from a memorable occasion and preserve them forever! Email us at with any ideas or questions you may have. We look forward to working with you!

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